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A Guide to Hot Melt Equipment and Its Uses

hot melt equipment
What equipment is used in Hot Melt Technology?
Hot Melt Washdown Hoses
Industrial Glue Guns
Hot Melt Nozzles
Hot Melt Modules

Hot melt equipment is a conduit for an adhesive that is used to bind and seal things together. It’s the ideal solution for high-production work. It’s commonly used in building construction, product assembly, applying labels, and a long list of other industries.

HotMelt is resilient and has an excellent bonding strength in such a short time which makes it very effective for large-scale production. There are several types of hotmelt equipment uniquely suited for different industries. 

What Equipment is used in Hot Melt Technology?

  • Hot Melt Washdown hoses

  • Industrial Glue Guns

  • Hot Melt Nozzles

  • Hot Melt Modules

Hot Melt Washdown Hoses

Unlike a regular hose, a Washdown hose is durable and withstands long-term wear and tear. It’s resistant to many things such as Ultraviolet rays, mildew, chemicals, etc., which makes it perfect for industrial use. It’s built for outside use, so you can drag it across any type of surface without fear of damage. Its outer surface protects the inner hose, letting you pass any type of liquid through it. They come in a range of different lengths depending on your needs. 

Hotmelt equipment like washdown hoses is necessary for high-production oriented and factory work. It’s used in the automotive industry as well as many others for large scale production. The washdown hose is used to transfer liquid like molten, wax, etc., from one source to another. It’s durable, stable, and controls the temperature. This is especially important because it gives a char-free production and ensures high-speed production.

When the time comes that you’d need to change your washdown hose, Glenmar Tech offers the best products which are compatible with Nordson and ITW Dynatec equipment. Some benefits of the Glenmar Technology replacement wash down hoses are: 

  • Durability: There’s no fear of leaks, cracks, or splits. The hotmelt washdown hoses have a rubber cover that protects the inner hose. At full stretch, you can achieve easy free flow of liquid through the washdown hose.
  • Compatibility: These hoses can be attached to a range of different hotmelt equipment like the Nordson AD31 series handguns. All hoses are compatible with ITW Dynatec, Nordson, and Glenmar Tech equipment.

Industrial Glue Guns

This is the applicator of the hotmelt adhesive. It’s the body of the equipment to which other parts are attached. Industrial Glue Guns are portable and highly functional, they are stronger, faster, and more precise than a basic glue gun. With a much higher output, hotmelt industrial glue guns are perfect for industrial use.

At Glenmar Technology, we specialize in manufacturing Nordson compatible industrial glue guns and replacement hotmelt parts, including the Nordson AD31 and the Nordson H-20 series of handguns. 

Hot Melt Nozzles

The nozzle is the part at the end of your ‘gun’ from which the liquid passes. Your nozzle determines the volume and velocity of your adhesive. The right nozzle has a huge impact on the outcome of your work.

The different types of nozzles can be grouped either based on pattern or design. For pattern there are 3 main types, these are:

  • Spray: Several patterns at desired diameters and width,
  • Bead: Single continuous patterns,
  • Multi-line: Combination of Spray and bead gives multiple patterns from one nozzle.

For Design there are two main types of hotmelt nozzles:

  • Single orifice: straight/90-degree angle
  • Multiple orifices: 15/30 degrees, right angle 19/22.5degrees.

Glenmar Technology has a range of hotmelt nozzles online which come in different shapes and sizes, and are compatible with all Nordson and ITW Dynatec equipment. Your hotmelt nozzle can severely impact the quality of your manufacturing, so be sure to contact our expert team at Glenmar Technology and see if you are using the best equipment for the job. There is a wide range of benefits for including quality nozzles in your hotmelt manufacturing process:

  • Changeability: There is incredible flexibility of use with hotmelt nozzles. You can purchase different types of nozzles and switch them out based on the purpose of use.
  • Precision: Nozzles help to avoid waste and ensure efficiency with their precise technology. Using the adequate nozzle would get the work done efficiently.
  • Replacement: In the event of wear and tear, Glenmar Tech stocks replacement nozzles compatible with ITW Dynatec and Nordson parts. Glenmar is the largest distributor of hotmelt equipment in the US and supplies worldwide.

Hot Melt Modules

The module is the valve through which adhesive passes to get to the nozzle. It separates the fluid from the compressed air chambers. It’s attached to the applicator/industrial glue gun. Like the nozzle, it comes in different sizes and shapes each suited to unique uses. Universal Modules are very popular in the Hot Melt industry, they’re compatible with a range of Hot Melt Dispensing Guns including Nordson, and can be found online at Glenmar Technology. Some benefits to using our hotmelt modules include:

  • Efficiency: Quality hotmelt modules are very efficient, they will improve your output, speed up your manufacturing process, and minimize inputs. 
  • Easy to Clean: Preventive maintenance is the best and our hotmelt modules are suited to fast changeovers which make for easy cleaning. Lack of cleanliness leads to wear and tear, and damage, you don’t want that! Once it starts leaking or dripping, it’s time to get a replacement from Glenmar Tech.

Highly recommended modules include the Nordson H200 compatible Air Open, Spring Close Hot Melt Module, and the Nordson Style H20 Hot Melt Module Replacement SKU 153011, which has an easy to use on/off switch

If you are looking for industrial hotmelt equipment and replacement parts, check out the full list of our extensive range of products in the Glenmar Technology catalog. We are the leading manufacturer of hotmelt equipment in the United States and have been in business for over two decades. Get in touch with our team today for more information about all of our hotmelt equipment; modules, washdown hoses, nozzles, handguns, and more.


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