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Hot Melt Technology Equipment – Our Purchasing Tips

hot melt technology equipment

Our Guide to Buying Hot Melt Technology Equipment

Hot melt technology has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. It has revolutionized the industrial manufacturing process for companies all over the world. To take advantage of hot melt technology and improve your manufacturing process, you have to know what the right hot melt equipment is for your business. 

Chances are you are already familiar with hot melt technology, and what it can offer your company. If you are looking to purchase equipment that works with hot melt, get in touch with Glenmar Technology today. 

Our team at Glenmar Technology has been developing, manufacturing and selling hot melt equipment for the past 2 decades. It’s safe to say we are experts in this field and can help you to choose the best equipment available. 

Take a look at our guide on purchasing hot melt equipment below.

  • Find the Right Equipment for Your Needs 
  • Choose A Trusted Brand 
  • Look at Lots of Different Models
  • Buying New Equipment vs Buying Replacement Parts

Find the Right Hot Melt Technology Equipment for Your Needs 

It’s crucial for you to choose the right hot melt equipment for your manufacturing process. The correct equipment goes an extremely long way in increasing accuracy and quality for industrial adhesive work. Buying high quality hot melt equipment can be expensive, but it is a necessary investment for any serious manufacturing company. Buying cheap, aftermarket alternatives could result in a dangerous workplace, that produces faulty products, or experiences production line breakdowns. 

You can find Industrial glue guns in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your situation, light industrial hot glue guns could be a good option for you. They are the perfect choice for those looking at entry-level equipment, and are explicitly designed for comfort and speed of use. 

For industrial manufacturing settings, hot melt equipment like Nordson hot melt guns feature more finesse and precision. They are much heavier duty and can work at high temperatures for hours on end, with more power and capability than ever. 

When searching for any equipment, be it light or heavy, we highly recommend that you check out Glenmar Technology. We always have the latest Nordson hotmelt equipment and replacement parts available for your needs. 

At Glenmar Technology we pride ourselves on providing the best hot melt equipment for your company. We manufacture our own hot melt equipment, and make replacement parts compatible with leading brands like Nordson and ITW Dynatec. We have an extensive range of hot melt equipment, so you can be sure to find something suited to your industrial manufacturing process. 

If you are having trouble finding the right equipment for your needs, head over to our help page and we will assist you in finding the most effective solution for your business. 

Choose A Trusted Brand

Choosing the right brand is essential when purchasing hot melt equipment like hotmelt glue guns, hoses, nozzles and adhesive applicators. As with everything else in life, a quality brand usually means quality products. 

When using hot melt technology on a large scale, you need durability and high quality products. To ensure the products you purchase are of a high standard, it is important to build a relationship with a trusted manufacturer. They will be able to recommend the products most suited to your needs, help you anytime something goes wrong with your hot melt equipment and you may be able to negotiate on pricing. There are only a few companies around the world that specialize in manufacturing industrial hot melt equipment. Here at Glenmar Technology, we stock all the leading brands in the hot melt technology industry and create our own quality products and Nordson replacement parts

Look at Lots of Different Models

The range of hot melt equipment models online may look very similar, but every brand and model has subtle differences. Each model is designed to perform different tasks in the hot melt manufacturing process. 

With the right hot melt equipment, your company can simplify the process of dispensing adhesives and improve its productivity rate while minimizing waste. Nordson produces an immense variety of hot melt technology models that are available on the market today. Another leading manufacturer is ITW Dynatec. 

Glenmar Technology is your one stop shop when it comes to hot melt equipment. We have 100’s of different models from the industry’s leading brands – Nordson, ITW Dynatec and our own. We stock brand new equipment and replacement parts for an extensive range of models. This includes: A broad range of compact, lightweight AD series handguns, Advanced hot melt hoses that specialize in providing a durable and safe performance, and AG-900+ modular dispensing applicators made with reliable and accurate dispensing in mind.

For more info on all of the models we offer, head over to our products page.

Buying New Equipment vs Buying Replacement Parts

Buying new hot melt equipment is a major investment. It can be extremely expensive, but there are significant benefits. Most brand new equipment will come with a manufacturer’s warranty and have the newest and most innovative hot melt technology installed. When purchasing brand new equipment, you hope the purchase lasts a long time, but with heavy industrial manufacturing this is not usually the case.

With continuous and repetitive use over time, hot melt equipment will break down. It will lose its precision, accuracy and effectiveness. So, do you just buy new hot melt equipment to replace them? The better, and cheaper alternative is to purchase replacement parts instead.

If you need replacement parts for your hot melt equipment, Glenmar Technology is here to help. We manufacture and sell hot melt technology equipment to replace parts from every reputable brand, including the expensive Nordson hotmelt parts. We’ve helped many companies increase their productivity and reduce their maintenance costs, thanks to our reliable and compatible replacement parts.

Glenmar Technology Nordson® replacement parts are precision built, and manufactured in the USA. Our Nordson replacement parts are on average 55% of the normal price of a Nordson part, which will save your company money while improving on durability and quality. 


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