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The Nordson AD31 Series Handguns – 6 Benefits of Using it and Where to Get Replacement Parts

Nordson AD31

When it comes to handguns, nothing gets the job done better than the Nordson AD31 Series. Compact and lightweight, these handguns offer the broadest range of pattern capabilities and feature the sturdiest design yet, designed specifically with manual sealant and adhesive applications in mind.

The Nordson AD31 Handguns are known for combining a design that’s both efficient and reliable for the dispensing of sealants, hot melt adhesives, and other thermoplastic materials. This series comes packed with a wide selection of exceptional models that can meet any industrial manufacturers needs, including assembly, packaging, and other sealing operations.

At Glenmar Technology, we manufacture versatile handguns that are compatible with the Nordson AD31 model. With a range of design capability and easy conversions, you can modify these guns to whatever your production requirements may be. Trust us when we say that they will be a welcome addition to your arsenal. Here are 6 benefits to using the AD31 models.

6 Benefits of Nordson AD31 Series Handguns

  • Compact and Lightweight 

  • ‘Ever-Cool’ Handle

  • Safety Lock

  • 360 Degree Swivel

  • Wide Range of Compatibility

  • Versatility

Compact and Lightweight 

The AD31 model’s most significant advantage over other handguns will always be its lightweight design. AD31 handguns are easy to handle and still have the operator’s most essential needs in mind. The Extrusion and Swirl models weigh just shy of two pounds. The AD31S model is slightly heavier, weighing a little above three pounds, and still employs the same features as the other models. 

Other dimensions are what you would expect from a lightweight handgun, no more than 210 mm in length and depth, and 53 mm in width. Even with the nozzles attached to the Extrusion models, the handgun remains light. Thanks to the compact nature of the AD31 Series. Invest in a lightweight handgun compatible with the Nordson AD31 guns at Glenmar Technology now. 

‘Ever-Cool’ Handle

It is essential for every Nordson Glue Gun to include the “Ever-Cool” handle. We aren’t talking about your ordinary, everyday handle. These models are distinctive and contain no heated components or adhesive-flow paths that could cause discomfort or pain to the person operating the handgun. 

Every heated gun component is completely enclosed and isolated within the gun shell’s exterior, not in the handle itself. Because of this, the risk of burn-related injuries is close to non-existent. Essentially, the “Ever-Cool” handle is a feature of the Nordson AD31 Series that ensures any use of an AD31 model will always be a smooth operation without any incidents.

Safety Lock

Another great feature included but not limited to the Nordson AD31 Series is the added safety lock on the power flow control wheel. It is there to prevent unwanted electrical power surges that can damage the device or its user. The handguns themselves are incredibly durable. They are capable of standing up even the most demanding of applications, made possible by the extraordinary impact-resistant molded shell. 

Models that use gear-pump Series 5000 Drum Melters have a microswitch in the gun handle to help control the motor clutch and regulate adhesive flow. The handguns’ maximum temperature is limited to 450ºF (230ºC), and their hydraulic pressure to 1500 psi (10.34 MPa). That, plus the added security with the lock in place, ensures that you never have to fear for your safety while using them. If you require replacement parts or Glue guns compatible with the Nordson AD31 series, head over to our marketplace.  

360 Degree Swivel

Nordson AD31 Series handguns are ergonomic in design. They help minimize physical stress and fatigue, while focusing on providing flexibility and reliable performance. Hose twisting and kinking is a thing of the past, thanks to the 360-degree swivel connector featured in the AD31 Extrusion and Swirl models. These swivel connectors come with two pivot points, allowing the hose to drop directly on the floor while managing to provide superb and efficient tool handling. Quality features like these can go a long way in making the handguns feel much more elegant to use. 

Wide Range of Compatibility

The Nordson AD31 Series of handguns product range allows for compatibility with all Nordson applicators and drum melters. The selection depends on the applicator, desired pattern, material viscosity, and output rate requirements. At Glenmar Technology, we specialize in manufacturing Nordson compatible guns and replacement parts, including the Nordson AD31 Handguns. 

The AD31 Extrusion model handguns can be attached to a large variety of extended and standard nozzles. These nozzles can be of varying orifice diameters in order to meet the numerous requirements of different types of applications. For example, all nozzles used with AD-31 Extrusion handguns permit access and deposition control into tight areas. 


The AD31 Series is one of the most versatile handguns in the Hot Melt industry. The series consists of numerous models that produce solid or foamed extrusion beads, swirl sprays, and spray patterns. If you need to handle high-viscose or filled materials, then the AD-31 LBS Extrusion handguns are what you want. They feature a large ball-and-seat and more extensive flow paths. On the other hand, the AD-31SW Swirl handguns are based on the latest Controlled Fiberziation technology, allowing the perfect control of both thickness and pattern density. This precise control of pattern width is impressive because it provides you with the ability to deposit adhesives within 0.25 inches (6.4 mm) from underlying edges. 

Depending on different applicator designs, the handguns can either utilize an RTD sensor, which stands for “resistance temperature detector,” or a preset thermostatic temperature sensor. RTD sensing can reduce temperature fluctuations that could have a negative effect on the flow and cause adhesive char formation in the process. A wide operating temperature range of 130° to 450°F (55° to 230°C) serves to provide additional application versatility. 

Where to get Direct Replacements and Replacement Parts for Nordson AD31 Series Handguns

To buy Nordson replacement parts or Nordson compatible glue guns. Check out our selection at  Glenmar Technology marketplace. We are the leading manufacturer of AD-31 compatible models and replacement parts for hot melt technology in North America. Our Glenmar versatile handgun comes in custom designs that can adapt to your production needs. For more information about our models, or specific requirements get in touch with our team today.


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