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What is the Best Hot Glue Gun in the Hot Melt Industry?

best hot glue gun Nordson glue guns

Hot Melt equipment is an essential aspect of industrial manufacturing. Many manufacturers ask us what the best hot glue gun on the market is, and where they can buy them. Well, it all depends on what the equipment is going to be used for. 

Some hot glue guns are built for speed and efficiency, whilst others are better for precision and accuracy. The models vary dramatically depending on your specific needs. When searching for hot glue guns, it helps to know all the options available to you on the market today. 

This article will go into detail on some of the best hot glue gun models in the world. There are various companies that produce hot melt technology equipment, but which one provides the best hot glue gun models?

Practical, reliable and efficient hot glue guns are necessary to improve a manufacturer’s output speed, efficiency and performance. This article will look at the best hot glue gun models in the industry and give you a breakdown on where to look and what to buy. 

Manufacturers of Hot Melt Technology Equipment & Best Hot Glue Gun

What is the best hot glue gun in the hot melt industry? There are two world-renowned producers of Hot Melt Technology equipment. The first company we recommend for hot melt equipment is Nordson Corporation.

Nordson pride themselves on being a reliable, accurate and safe producer of hot glue guns. Nordson has a long history of producing top manufacturing goods. The Nord brothers founded the company in 1954 and have since built a solid reputation as excellent products. Nordson promises customers that each hot glue gun they manufacture will be efficient and precise.  

The hot glue guns are made to be fast and reliable, helping to save the user as much time as possible. The design of Nordson hot glue guns allows users to get it right the first time; the system provides users with absolute precision and clarity. Their whole aim is to make life easier and more efficient throughout the manufacturing process. Nordson products are some of the finest in the industry for improving packaging and general product assembly lines. 

There is an enormous list of hot melt technology equipment created by Nordson. At Glenmar Technology, we manufacture replacement parts and models compatible with most Nordson hotmelt equipment. 

Another great manufacturer of hot melt technology equipment is ITW Dynatec. ITW Dynatec is a long, and trusted brand that produces trusted hot melt equipment and some of the best hot glue gun models on the market. ITW Dynatec has a range of products that include bead, slot and adhesive technology sprays that are perfect for your manufacturing needs.

ITW emphasise the quality of their products and aim to serve as the industry standard for performance, accuracy, longevity, innovation and reliability. Glenmar Technology manufactures a wide range of products that are compatible with ITW products, including replacement hot melt parts. 

Nordson Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson adhesive dispensing systems are top quality systems that produce exact adhesive application at very high application speeds. They have a vast range of adhesive dispensers, guns and hot melt valve nozzles that are the best in the industry. 

A great example of a top-class Nordson adhesive dispensing system is the MiniBlue® II Hot Melt Glue Applicator and Adhesive Dispenser. The MiniBlue® II Hot Melt Glue Applicator and Adhesive Dispenser is a high speed, reliable and excellent hot glue gun that encompasses the brilliance of Nordson products, and you can buy replacement parts directly through Glenmar.

The Nordson – h20 series glue gun is another superb option. If you are used to using the Nordson h-20 glue guns, Glenmar technology provides the best replacement parts in the industry for these models. 

ITW Dynatec Adhesive Applicators

ITW Dynatec has a wide range of adhesive applicators that range into five different categories such as slot application technology, bead application technology, spray application technology, precision metering technology or special applicators. Each other type has various benefits for the user. 

For example, the APEX slot die – auto adhesive applicator is excellent for precise high-speed intermittent adhesive patterns. ITW has a wide range of the best hot glue gun models, and Glenmar Technology provides excellent replacements for ITW products that are cost-effective and top quality.

Hot Glue Gun Price for Industrial use?

The price of a hot glue gun for industrial use varies. With such a wide range of options; it boils down to the level of performance you need from your industrial hot glue gun.

Some hot glue guns are better for speed, whilst others are better for precision, or built to be more efficient. The prices vary dramatically depending on what you need it for, and it’s good to research the entire market to see what you want and the options available.

Head over to Glenmar Technology to look at the different models of Hot Melt guns available on the market today. We stock the HG12000 SWIRL Hand Gun Replacement For Nordson at $810. However, there are cheaper options such as the HG8000-STD Hand Glue Gun Replacement For Nordson® AD31, which is $495. 

Where to Buy Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment?

Our Online Marketplace at Glenmar technology is one of the leading hot melt adhesive online stores. We are a leader in manufacturing new and replacement parts for the hot melt industry. Operating out of the USA for the past two decades, we create hot melt equipment compatible with Nordson and ITW Dynatec. 

You can view Glenmar Technology’s wide range of compatible parts here. One great benefit of using Glenmar Technology is that our products are compatible with all major brands, and are highly cost-effective without taking away from the quality or precision. The hot melt systems we build are reliable, precise and create value for businesses.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of Nordson and ITW replacement parts and products in the entire market. We ship our hot melt equipment and replacement parts straight from our factory to anywhere in the world.


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