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Where to Find Nordson Replacement Parts

Nordson parts

Trying to find Nordson replacement parts? Glenmar Technology has got you covered. Here at Glenmar Technology we manufacture and sell replacement parts for expensive Nordson® hot melt equipment, at very competitive prices. Our replacement parts are compatible with Nordson and made to the highest standards. 

We know how crucial the efficiency of your hot melt system is, so not only do we provide brand new parts, we can also clean and refurbish your used parts. All of our Nordson replacement parts are manufactured in the USA. Customer satisfaction is vital to our organisation, to ensure we maintain high standards, we inspect and strenuously test every product that leaves our factory. 

Whatever Nordson replacement part you need, we can provide for you. Check out our online marketplace to see the full range of products we provide. We can manufacture and alter any parts to meet your specific needs. Every single hot melt replacement part we produce meets industrial safety requirements and quality standards.

  • Buying New Equipment vs Buying Nordson Replacement parts
  • Glenmar Tech’s Nordson Replacement parts
  • Nordson Hot Melt parts vs other brands
  • Where can you buy Nordson parts online

Buying New Equipment vs Nordson Replacement Parts

Nordson is one of the leading manufacturers of hot melt equipment in the world. They produce quality adhesives equipment for a number of applications. Hot melt adhesives systems are vital to companies that have packaging, and assembly manufacturing lines. Nordson’s hot melt technology can help improve efficiency and product quality in your manufacturing process. 

When spending significant amounts of money like you would on a Nordson hot melt technology system, you want your equipment to stand the test of time. However, hot melt equipment does not always last. These machines operate at high speeds and high temperatures for hours on end, which leads to break downs and costly repairs.

Should you buy new equipment or look for replacement parts when this happens? Purchasing brand new hot melt equipment is extremely expensive, and a major investment for any business. At Glenmar Technology we have helped numerous companies by replacing their Nordson parts with our own highly compatible hot melt equipment. Our high quality replacement parts are made for accuracy, dependability and repeatability for a large number of applications. 

By helping our clients find replacement parts for their hot melt equipment we have saved them thousands of dollars, in both repair costs and the ongoing decreased maintenance costs. Rather than buying new equipment, explore our catalogue for the Nordson replacement parts we offer. You stand to find parts at a much cheaper rate than buying brand new equipment or repairing old machines. 

Glenmar Tech Nordson Replacement Parts

As the leading North American hot melt equipment manufacturer, we pride ourselves on the quality and compatibility of our Nordson replacement parts. Over the past 20 years we have built customer trust all over the globe. No matter where our clients are located on the globe, we can ship hot melt replacement parts to them. 

All of our products are manufactured in our headquarters, in New Jersey, USA. We can manufacture any product to your specific industrial requirements. For advice on suitable hot melt replacement parts for your business, you can count on expert, personalised advice from one of our company’s representatives. 

We have a variety of replacement parts which can be found at our online marketplace. If you would like a testing sample, to be sure of the quality of our replacement parts, feel free to contact us at +1(908) 561-9920 or send an email to to help you with your order and any other information you may need. 

Nordson Hot Melt Parts vs Other Brands

Only a limited number of hot melt manufacturing companies in the world have a superb reputation for producing quality and reliable hot melt parts. Nordson, ITW Dynatec and Glenmar Technology are the world leaders in creating hot melt equipment. 

Nordson pride themselves on being a reliable, accurate and safe producer of hot glue guns. Nordson has a long history of producing top manufacturing goods, providing manufacturers with quality hot melt equipment since the 1950’s.

Listed below are a few reasons why Nordson compatible replacement parts are better than other brands.

  • It’s non-stick core improves adhesive flow
  • Nordson hot melt comes with a hose to provide safety and durability
  • It has a make-first, break-last electrical connection that doesn’t allow the hose to get powered without a ground connection
  • Heat loss is controlled with the help of a four layered aramid-felt insulation.
  • You don’t need to waste time calibrating the hose because the hose components are already calibrated
  • Hoses are waterproof, and are totally secure during a wash session
  • Nordson hot melt parts promote safe operation as a result of seperate ground paths.

Nordson products and compatible Nordson replacement parts are not the cheapest on the market, but you pay for quality, longevity and precision. You will find cheaper prices from international countries, but when ordering offshore you risk losing out on the quality standards that are expected in the US. You may save a few dollars, however the future maintenance, repairs, and replacements will cost you more in the long run. 

Where can you buy Nordson parts online

Glenmar Technology’s website is the best place to find quality Nordson replacement parts online. By going with a trusted manufacturer you can ensure peace of mind that your manufacturing operation will run smoothly. No more production line break downs or product recalls due to faulty hot melt equipment. Industrial hot melt is such a highly specialized industry that you can not risk using low quality equipment in. Choose a reliable partner to manufacture products for your industrial needs. 

Our products are shipped to any location in the world using UPS services or your preferred delivery option. Explore our inventory of hot melt equipment now or call our customer line at +1(908) 561-9920 for further inquiries. Our payment methods are user friendly and accessible for all of our customers.


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