Glue Gun HG8000-STD Standard Hand Held - Nordson AD-31

Glue Gun HG8000-STD Standard Hand Held - Nordson AD-31

  • $660.00

  • 2 or more $600.00
  • 4 or more $590.00

Do you use the Nordson Series AD-31 hand gun? Our versatile HG8000-STD and HG12000-SWIRL hand guns are offered in custom designs as well as Nordson AD-31 Hand gun compatible. They adapt to production requirements with easy pattern conversions and a range of designs. Our selection offers ergonomic function and pinpoint bead placement. Our model is efficient with a wide variety of nozzle styles and sizes to provide easy pattern conversions for specific application performance. Durable 240V AD31T-style glue handgun for Nordson® Model 2300/3000 Series  and ProBlue® RTD controlled glue hoses with corrugated sleeving.  Also fits the 240V DuraBlue® Nordson style hoses and the ITW/LTI® 240V Quattro® and Dynapack® style hoses.

Replacement for Nordson 274765 AD-31 Style Handgun - Extrusion Bulk Hot Melt Hand Gun

We also have a HG12000 swirl hand gun available as well as GH8000 Replacement Parts Kits.

Nozzles are not included.

HGSTD Nozzle (Not Included) available sizes: 0.041, 0.061, 0.091

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