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Are you a manufacturer that uses hot melt equipment?

Maybe you run a diaper factory. Or perhaps you are in food packaging.

When you go to buy replacement equipment and parts, do you shop around? Or do you buy direct from a distributor? Do you ever check out industry suppliers to see what's on the market? If you could take 10 minutes to shop for replacement parts for your hot melt equipment knowing you could save HALF OFF on your costs, would you take the time?

If you're in the hot melt industry and you're using Nordson brand equipment, you'll find replacement parts that are guaranteed top quality at 50% - 60% the catalog price if you look around Glenmar Technology's website or download our catalog (https://glenmartech.com/image/catalog/glenmartechnology16.pdf). When we first entered the hot melt industry, we started selling locally around New Jersey and New York, USA and quickly expanded. Over the years, we've built an international customer base. It's critical to us that when you order our parts, you get what you want as quickly as possible. Most of our orders are filled same-day and shipped immediately. We're "big" enough to understand what you need with your production demands - but "small" enough to offer personal attention.

We're excited to be serving customers in China, Japan, France, Turkey, Israel and South Africa. We know that there are many markets to explore - and we want to learn what you want, what you need and how we can make that happen with as much savings to you as possible.

How can you trust that our products might work for you? We'll send you a sample immediately. If you think you might be interested in seeing how our products work with your business, please email us or call +1 (908) 561-9920 now to request a sample package.


Glenmar Technology

As a leading global manufacturer of hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment and hot melt machines, Glenmar Technology's hot melt equipment applies adhesives, sealants and coatings in a variety of patterns to consumer and industrial products in packaging, product assembly and non-wovens applications. Our hot melt systems and glue applicators are made for precision, reliability and repeatability for a large number of applications. We manufacture Nordson® compatible hot melt glue guns and replacement parts, including H200 Module 276119 Replacement Part the Glenmar G100 Module and ship factory direct worldwide. 
We understand you have high quality standards—and saving money on equipment costs can make the difference between a profitable business or a failing one. Our products provide you with the same high quality equipment you are used to with the leading industry brands, but with a significant cost savings Please check out our product line, send us an email or call +1(908) 561-9920 to speak directly with us. Samples available upon request.

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