Glue Gun G100GUNMOD2 SWIVEL Nordson H200

Glue Gun G100GUNMOD2 SWIVEL Nordson H200

  • $720.00

If you are used to using Nordson H200 series swivel style glue guns, this is our compatible model. The G100GUNMOD2 SWIVEL glue gun is the Glenmar replacement for the Nordson H200 series. Helicoils in All Guns. Angle Position of the Swivel Gun is flexible for more precise application.The extreme angles are shown. Two (2) Module Gun. 

Modules are not included in price. Modules must be  purchased separately.

You'll find all the features, parts and fuctions of the Nordson H200 series swivel-style gun. You can also view our Replacement Parts section to find Nordson H200 glue gun compatible replacement parts.

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