Glenmar Compatible HotMelt

Quality Nordson® Compatible Hot Melt Spare Parts and Replacements

We manufacture high quality ITW and  Nordson® compatible hot melt replacement parts at low prices. Hotmelt replacement parts protect your investment and enhance productivity. Reduce maintenance costs with high quality Glenmar precision  parts without sacrificing product performance. Glenmar Technology manufacture Nordson® compatible replacement parts - these are brand new, not reconditioned, and are manufactured in the USA.

As a leading global manufacturer of hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment and hot melt machines, Glenmar Technology's hot melt equipment applies adhesives, sealants and coatings in a variety of patterns to consumer and industrial products in packaging, product assembly and non-wovens applications. 

Preserve the integrity and efficiency of your adhesive applicator parts and hot melt systems with Nordson® compatible hot melt replacement parts that meet worldwide safety and quality standards. We also manufacture replacement parts, Glenmar Technology hot melt glue gun modules and hand held glue guns.

Our ITW and Nordson® compatible hot melt systems and glue applicators are made for precision, reliability and repeatability for a large number of applications. We manufacture Glenmar hot melt glue guns and replacement parts, including replacement part such as the Glenmar G100 Module and the Glenmar G10 Module and ship factory direct worldwide.The Glenmar manufactured parts are our own design and are comparable to the Nordson® H200 Module 276119 and Nordson® H20 Module 153011, Handheld Nordson® Series AD31 and L4 handguns.  

Nordson Compatible