Packaging Trends for Nonwovens

New study reveals nonwovens packaging trends
Posted on November 29, 2011 @ 08:54 am

Kellie Solutions is set to release a new study into the application and use of nonwovens in packaging. While packaging end-uses have been known for some time, this sector has been considered to be a small section of the nonwovens market.

In this new study, George Kellie pulls together the many strands and applications for nonwovens in packaging. This research comes at a time when many markets and applications are struggling to find growth. In-depth market research by Kellie Solutions reveals a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the market of more than 8.3% per annum over the last 10 years – outpacing the general nonwovens and packaging markets. Some sectors, such as multi-trip durable retail packaging, have shown stellar growth figures – well in excess of the trend average.

Packaging now takes approximately 2.5% of all nonwoven applications and is set to take a larger share in the near future. The spread of applications is interesting and very diverse – from retail bags to medical device packaging, and from tea bags to advanced intelligent packaging components.

”Nonwovens are finding their way into an ever-expanding range of packaging end uses because they offer an exciting combination of advanced engineering technologies and potential optimization of materials," says George Kellie.

The emergence of high quality print technologies is also supporting this market expansion. The report looks at this “new” growth market and assesses end uses and the value chain for nonwovens in packaging. It also identifies specific market opportunities broken down by end-use, material and region, with quantitative market data and forecasts to 2015. It also provides an introduction for nonwovens producers to the world of packaging – a market worth more than 500 billion US dollars annually.

Nonwovens producers and converters, material suppliers and packaging converters can benefit from this new report which will provide one of the first complete guides to this growing market.

The report is available from Kellie Solutions Ltd. For more information visit or contact contact George Kellie at

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