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Nordson H-20 glue gun replacement – If you are used to using Nordson® H-20 series glue guns, the G10 series glue gun is the Glenmar compatible replacement model. You’ll find all the features, parts and functions of the Nordson® H200 series gun. You can also view our Replacement Parts section to find Nordson H-20 glue gun compatible replacement parts and Nordson® H200 series.

The H20 applicators are single-module automatic applicators used in applications that require high flow rates and accurate bead size. They are excellent for high viscosity glues or highly filled glues.

This applicator is compatible with Nordson® bulk systems (or equivalent) and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards.

Glenmar Technology offers the highest quality hot melt replacement parts, manufactured in the USA, at a fraction of EOM prices. Buy better quality hot melt parts for less at Contact us for any of your hot melt replacement parts needs. Our trained technicians are ready to help answer any questions

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