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Do you use the Nordson® Series AD31 or L4 hand gun? The Glenmar versatile hand gun is offered in custom designs as well as Nordson® AD-31 Hand gun compatible model. They adapt to your production requirements with easy pattern conversions and a range of designs. Our selection offers ergonomic function and pinpoint bead placement. If you require a specific glue gun heater with your hand held model, please just let us know when you place your order.

Please see our Swirl Nozzles category to select the appropriate nozzle for your needs. Nozzles are not included and must be purchased separately.

Our Glenmar Hot Melt HG8000 and HG12000 handguns, compatible to Series AD-31 and Series L4 extrusion handguns, feature an ever-cool handle with no heated components or adhesive-flow paths. Heated gun components are completely enclosed within the exterior gun shell. An impact-resistant molded shell ensures an extended service life. Guns features a 360-degree swivel connector to eliminate hose twisting.

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