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Nordson H200 Series Applicator Replacement – G100GUN MOD4EXT Glue Gun


Our G100GUN MOD4EXT Glue Applicator is a Nordson H200 Series Applicator Replacement and Nordson Series H204. Helicoils in all guns. Expertly manufactured in the USA.

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If you are using the Nordson H200 series applicator, this is our compatible model, the G100.

  • G100 Series Gun with four (4) Modules custom configuration.
  • Helicoils in All Guns.
  • (Modules not included in price)

You’ll find all the features, parts and functions of the Nordson® H200 series gun.

You can also view our Replacement Parts section to find Nordson® H200 glue gun compatible replacement parts.

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We can custom build parts based on your specifications and needs. Call us for pricing.

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