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Replacement for Nordson® 274702 H20 – G10GUN Glue Gun


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Replacement for Nordson® 274702 H20 Series Glue Gun – Glenmar G10 Series Gun

If you are used to using Nordson® H20 series glue guns, this is our Glenmar compatible model. You’ll find all the features, parts and functions of the Nordson® H20 series gun.

You can also view our Replacement Parts section to find Nordson® H20 glue gun compatible replacement parts. Replacement for Nordson® 274702, Hot Melt Gun Replacement Applicators for Nordson® ClassicBlue Style Guns, for 3000 series and Problue machines. G10 Series Gun for Single (1) Module. Helicoils in All Guns. Glenmar G10 bulk hot melt glue gun is a perfect crossover for the Nordson® H20 series at a fraction of the price.

(Please note that modules not included in price and must be purchased separately.)

Nordson Applicator   Glenmar Applicator  Description                       Nordson Module     Glenmar
P/N                  P/N                                                   P/N                P/N
274702               G10Gun              H-20-T                            153011             G10 module
276778               G10Gun              H-20-T-W                          153011             G10 module
120664               G10Gun              H-20 T-LBS                        272549             Call us
274728               G10Gun              H-20-T w/micro-adjustable needle  272267             Call us
815138               G10Gun              H20-1 TF/D, 2300                  153011             G10 module






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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in




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