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Glenmar Hot Melt Manufacturing Glenmar Hot Melt Technology has been manufacturing and selling hot melt parts and equipment for more than 25 years. Originally focused on hardware manufacturing, the company was started in 1973 under the name OK Tools, by Erich Kiesel. After over two decades of engineering hardware, Erich's son, Glenn, joined the company. As he gained experience, Glenn developed an interest in the hot melt technology industry. He studied the various applications, from hygiene products, to diapers, to food packaging.

Ever curious, Glenn purchased a variety of glue gun modules and started learning how they were made. He studied the designs of the leading hot melt technology manufacturers, such as Nordson and ITW.  He tested and modified the designs to discover what worked most efficiently. Over time, he began engineering his own hot melt parts, based on the most popular parts made by the top hot melt manufacturers. Later, he developed several custom designs to add to his catalog of hot melt products. Today, we manufacture a wide range of high quality Hot Melt Replacement Parts for most leading OEM parts.

With a full line of hot melt modules, nozzles and parts, Glenmar Technology was formed in 1998. Glenmar started attending trade shows, visiting customer factories and building relationships within the hot melt industry. Over the years, Glenmar has established a customer base that reaches across the globe. Glenmar Hot Melt Technology manufactures all of their products in their New Jersey, USA factory and headquarters, shipping products worldwide.

If you use hot melt technology OEM equipment in your manufacturing and would be interested in testing samples of Glenmar's products, please email us at or call us at +1 (908) 561-9920.

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What is Industrial Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment

Worldwide there are only a few companies which specialize in industrial hot melt adhesive equipment like hot-melt glue guns, nozzles for industrial adhesives and adhesive applicators. The few companies which specialize if this field produce manufacture and export their products world wide.

Industrial Hot Glue Equipment

Hot melt equipment for industrial use is very similar to equipment used in kitchens around the world. However, the scope used on industrial scale is much larger. Where a household machine has to be able to seal some bags to go in the freezer, the industrial version needs to be able to thousands of bags per hour, and this for many hours at a time. The quality of the seal needs to be guaranteed, as products sealed inside could be spoiled or lose their freshness.

Hot Melt Glue Gun, Nozzles And Adhesive Applicators

Glenmar Hot Melt Manufacturing Hand Guns

Industrial hot melt guns are very similar to the hot melt guns bought at DIY shops, however just much larger than the DIY version. The professional melt glue gun needs to be able to thousands of handlings per day without fail, also the quality of the applied adhesive needs to be of a consistency needed for industrial hot melt technology standards.

Hot Melt Adhesives And Industrial Adhesives

Durability and application on large scale are required for the applications used by major factories. There are industrial adhesive glue guns that spray the adhesive through nozzles,  and use compressed air to spray the adhesive, however, if one is not quick enough, the adhesive loses its tackiness and becomes unusable.

Among the professional industrial adhesive equipment manufacturers, only a few companies stand out because of their durability and quality of manufactured equipment. Services and long term relationships are very important in this area of the manufacturing industry, and establishing a relationship with a manufacturer, understanding their facility and capabilities, will help you understand how to negotiate better pricing. The size of the manufacturing plant, the materials used, the quantity of items in your order and the time-frame for your order, will all affect the overall pricing.

You may find that you can get cheaper prices when you look for products from international companies, however, you must remember that their standards for quality are not the same as those used in the USA. You may pay a cheap price for your item overseas, but you'll risk sacrificing quality and durability of the product. 

Glenmar Hot Melt Technology New Jersey

Glenmar Hot Melt Manufacturing made in the USAGlenmar Hot Melt Technology is the leading North American company in the hot melt adhesive manufacturing industry. Glenmar Technology is headquartered in New Jersey, and opened new distribution channels for their innovative product lines in 2012. They own and operate a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in NJ, with the latest in manufacturing technology to insure that all products produced in our plant meet the highest production standards, giving you a product that you can trust to replace your OEM products.

If you have a specialized requirement, any product can be delivered, and or manufactured to your specific industrial needs. Our quality control staff  inspect each product that leaves the factory doors. Made-to-quality-satisfaction is our goal, because we know our customers' satisfaction and after sales service, are as important as the initial sale. Any client can count on personalized advise from one of our company's adhesive experts.

Industrial hot melt adhesive equipment is an extremely specialized field that demands high quality. Choosing a solid and reliable partner can lead to fast success and a efficient implementation process.

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