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G500-6WD – 6ft Replacement Wash Down Hose for Replacement for the Nordson 276741


Glenmar Technology’s 6ft replacement wash down hose, compatible with Nordson and ITW hot glue guns. Available in 2 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, 16 ft, 20 ft and 24 ft.

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The G500-6WD is a 6-ft. Wash Down Hose Replacement for Nordson 276741.

  • Our 24ft replacement wash down hoses are compatible with Nordson and ITW equipment as well.
  • Glenmar hoses are manufactured by a high-quality third party company. As we do not manufacture hoses, we cannot offer discounts on them.

This Nordson replacement water wash hose works with the Replacement for the Nordson 2300 and 3000 Series hot melt applicators and all of their equivalents. It offers a durable, waterproof design for environments using water during manufacturing or packaging or where water moisture is a concern. They utilize a protective rubber cover to protect components from damage and temperature degradation.

The G500-6WD – Replacement for the Nordson 276741 is equivalent to the Nordson standard water wash hoses and are for use on the ProBlue and DuraBlue bulk hot melt tanks.

Lengths Available:

  • NORDSON 276739 – 2 Foot Hose
  • NORDSON 276740 – 4 Foot Hose
  • NORDSON 276741 – 6 Foot Hose
  • NORDSON 276742 – 8 Foot Hose
  • NORDSON 276743 – 10 Foot Hose
  • NORDSON 143300 – 12 Foot Hose
  • NORDSON 276744 – 16 Foot Hose
  • NORDSON 223837 – 20 Foot Hose
  • NORDSON 276745 – 24 Foot Hose


Glenmar Technology is a leading global manufacturer of hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment and hot melt machines, Glenmar Technology’s hot melt equipment applies adhesives, sealants and coatings in a variety of patterns to consumer and industrial products in packaging, product assembly and non-wovens applications.

We can custom build parts and applicators based on your specifications and needs. Call us for pricing.

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