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Replacement for Nordson 322410 – GNS300 Straight Angle Nozzle II


GNS300 straight angle nozzles II that deliver amazing patterns and are consistently made above industry standards. Expertly manufactured in  the USA. Deliveries available worldwide.

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Straight Angle Nozzles II – GNS300

Straight Angle Nozzle II Sizes Available:

  • GNS300.010                        Nozzle size: 0.010″
  • GNS300.012                        Nozzle size: 0.012″
  • GNS300.014                        Nozzle size: 0.014″
  • GNS300.016                        Nozzle size: 0.016″
  • GNS300.018                        Nozzle size: 0.018″
  • GNS300.020                        Nozzle size: 0.020″
  • GNS300.022                        Nozzle size: 0.022″
  • GNS300.024                        Nozzle size: 0.024″
  • GNS300.028                        Nozzle size: 0.028″
  • GNS300.032                        Nozzle size: 0.032″
  • GNS300.040                        Nozzle size: 0.040″

Warranty Information

Limited parts and labor warranty. Manufactured in the USA.

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Additional information

Weight 0.226796185 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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