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Nordson 276119 Replacement H200 – G100 Module


The G100 Module is a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for the Nordson® H200 (276119 & 272282) series. Air open, spring close. Module is suited for applications from 450°F. (232°C)

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The G100 Module is a Nordson 276119 Replacement H200 Series

  • Air open, spring close.
  • Module is suited for applications from 450°F. (232°C)

Let us help you reduce your maintenance costs with this high quality replacement module. Built to last and will help you reduce downtown and increase productivity.

High temp seals are available for the Nordson 276119 Replacement.

products g100 module measurement final pageA: Length
3.46″ / 0.88mm
B: Width
0.87 ” / 0.22 mm

C: Thread Length / Count
3/8″ 24

Warranty InformationLimited parts and labor warranty. Manufactured in the USA.

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