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Best OEM Parts for Hot Melt Technologies

Nordson parts

Given the speed, frequency, and high temperatures at which hot melt technologies are constantly working, consistent maintenance and part replacements are to be expected. Glenmar OEM parts are made to a high standard and have fantastic durability.

Buying cheap replacement hot melt parts for your manufacturing line can end up being more expensive in the long run due to constant breakdowns in your production line. That’s why it is crucial that you use high-quality replacement OEM parts made by Glenmar Technology for your manufacturing. 

There is a long list of OEM parts that can be used in hot melt technology. This article will feature some of Glenmar Technology’s best OEM replacement parts. We will focus on Wash Down Hoses, Industrial Glue Guns, Hot Melt Gun Modules, and Glue Gun Nozzles.

Replacement for OEM Wash Down Hoses

Wash down hoses are waterproof tubes that are used to convey adhesives, wax, and other industrial solvents. These hoses are typically for use in industries with wet or moist environments and they differ from regular household hoses as they are capable of conveying adhesives used in product packaging and assembly. 

Wash down hoses are made from thick rubber which gives them their waterproof and insulating properties. This rubber helps to prevent water from seeping into the hose and helps to regulate the inner conditions of the hose by ensuring that the adhesives remain heated enough to flow freely.

The rubber coatings can also prevent electrocution while containing the heat within the hose. It’s this coating material that makes them suitable for industries where production processes involve hot melt.

Glenmar Technology’s wash down hoses come in different sizes, ranging from 2ft to 26ft, and are suitable for different environments including outdoor use. If you need to replace your washdown hose and want to ensure it is compatible with your OEM parts, you should check out our G500 replacement glue gun hoses.

Glenmar products have proven records in the industry and bring flexibility, increased insulation, durability, and reduced downtimes to your production methods.

OEM Industrial Glue Applicators

Another important part of your hot melt technology equipment is the industrial glue applicator. Generally, hot melt glues are initially solids before being melted down and applied to the surface you intend to glue. This process requires the use of the right applicator, both in terms of size and speed. 

Industrial glue guns come in different sizes and budgets, depending on your industrial needs. We can also custom-make glue guns should you need a specific feature. We also stock glue guns that are replacement with the AD31 Series. These replacements can be made to your production needs.

The Glenmar Hot Melt HG8000 and HG12000 models are compatible with the AD31 series and come with cool handles that feature no adhesive flows or heated components. They also feature a swivel connector that prevents hoses from twisting during use.

At Glenmar Technology, we manufacture high-quality replacement glue guns compatible with OEM. Our company is the largest distributor of replacement OEM parts in the US and has been servicing businesses for over 20 years. Explore our Industrial Glue Guns here.

Replacement for OEM Hot Melt Gun Modules

Modules are the heart of hot melt technologies. They control the operation, heating, cooling, and downtimes of your hot melt technology. They are also responsible for production speed and output. This makes it essential to get a replacement OEM part you can trust if you ever need to change your hot melt gun modules.

You can get authentic modules of different types and sizes delivered to you at Glenmar Technology. 

Our company specializes in producing hot melt replacement parts compatible with the replacement for Nordson ClassicBlue and SolidBlue industrial gun modules. The Glenmar G300 Mini Module (Butterfly) is a replacement for the Nordson 1072928 and comes highly recommended.

The G300 replacement part is a replacement for the Nordson 1072928 and 1099967 gun modules. It also has an air open and spring close feature that helps speed up production and is suitable for industrial needs of up to 450 F. Aside from cost and compatibility, other necessary factors to consider when purchasing a hot gun module are your production needs and type of adhesives to be applied.

Replacement for OEM Compatible Glue Gun Nozzles

Glue gun nozzles are a vital aspect of the industrial production process. They control the accuracy and speed at which the hot melt is dispensed.

Glue gun nozzles come in a range of different sizes and each size will suit different production needs. You may experience difficulty and delays in your production line when using the wrong glue gun nozzle. Failing to replace damaged or worn glue gun nozzles will hamper your productivity and output. 

Glue gun nozzles compatible with Nordson parts come in different bead heads and designs. Different nozzles are used when applying different types of adhesives and it’s important to ensure compatibility when buying a replacement.

You can find several types of glue gun nozzles compatible with all Nordson parts at Glenmar Technology. These nozzles are designed to the best industry standards and come in different beads sizes. They are durable, precise, and can be custom-made to your requirements.

Some of the OEM compatible glue gun nozzle replacements we have available include the GNR Right Angle 90 Degree Nozzle and HGSTD Nozzle for HG8000-STD.


While the rest of the world becomes more and more digitalized, industrial production processes are still a vital part of humanity’s existence and must be improved to meet the teeming demands of our population.

Manufacturing is becoming more and more competitive as technology improves, companies strive to become more efficient in their production processes, minimizing costs and increasing their output. None of these, however, are achievable without the right hot melt equipment and replacement parts. 

After producing high-quality hot melt parts for two decades, Glenmar Technology brings a wealth of experience and a high level of trust to the table. Our website stocks a wide range of hot melt equipment that is compatible with OEM parts, including industrial applicators, hot glue guns modules, nozzles, and wash down hoses.


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