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Which OEM Glue Guns Does Glenmar Technology Make Replacement Parts for?

Nordson glue guns
How Much are OEM Glue Guns and Replacement Parts?
Hot Glue Gun Comparison: Replacement for OEM Hot Melt Technology vs ITW Dynatec 
Replacement for OEM Hot Glue Gun Models
Where to get Hot Melt Applicator Replacement Parts?

This article will cover Glenmar Technology’s range of replacement parts for some of the OEM Glue Guns on the market.

Glenmar Technology is a trusted global supplier of replacement parts for hot melt industry OEM leaders. At Glenmar Technology we pride ourselves on creating replacement parts for precision, reliability and continuity.

The replacement OEM parts we manufacture are long-lasting products that stand the test of time. They are cost-effective and help our customers work in a precise, confident and efficient manner. 

There are only a handful of quality hot glue gun manufacturers around the world. 

This article will go into detail on why these are the best OEM hot glue gun model manufacturers, and why Glenmar Technology is the place to purchase replacement parts for OEM products. 

How Much are OEM Glue Guns and Replacement Parts?

The prices of hot glue guns and replacement parts will vary based on your individual needs. Two important questions to ask are: What do you need it for? How much are you going to use it?

These are the questions that will determine how much you’re going to have to spend on hot glue guns and replacement parts.

If you’re looking for a handgun replacement, the HG12000 SWIRL Hand Gun Replacement For OEM is $810 on the Glenmar Technology website. However, there are cheaper options, such as the HG8000-STD Hand Glue Gun Replacement For Nordson® AD31, which is $495 on our website.

The prices vary a lot depending on what you need it for and how often you need to use it. It’s essential to research the Best Hot Glue Guns in the market and then make a choice on what you believe to be the most effective hot glue gun for your business. 

Hot Glue Gun Comparison: Replacement for OEM Hot Melt Technology

There are two industry-leading providers of hot glue guns OEM hot melt technology. Both provide great hot melt equipment and have a diverse range of products.

OEM hot melt technology glue guns are built for reliability, efficiency and repeatability. They have built a brand on being the industry leaders in hot melt technology and have an incredible amount of products that cater to all different business needs.

Their hot glue guns are fast and reliable, saving the user time and providing them with confidence. It is a superb option for hot glue guns because of the brand reliability and a long history of producing the best hot glue guns on the market.

ITW Dynatec has an equally impressive brand and history. ITW Dynatec builds fantastic hot melt technology. ITW Dynatec prides itself on three different attributes: sustainability, quality and innovation. 

Sustainability is a significant part of the company. The company builds efficient products that stand the test of time.

The company innovates using the most refined hot melt technology and strives for constant high-quality innovation to keep them one step above their competition. The product quality is industry-leading.

There are some superb models such as the AD-31 Standard Swirl Spray Handgun with integrated air valve T1P12P6S which retails at $1,125.00.

The AD41 Style handgun Top Feed 240vAC is another great option; this retails slightly less at $725.00 but provides users with the lightest handgun weight on the market and uses a four-finger trigger for easy use.

ITW Dynatec has some great options such as the APEX™ Slot Die – Auto Adhesive Applicator which provides users with exceptional value for a high-speed unit, and excellent precision.

Another great ITW Dynatec hot glue gun is CrossCoat™ – Non-Contact Metering Slot Die, it offers users with a gun that is ideal for heat-sensitive materials and users looking to get a streak-free finish.

As you can see, both OEM companies provide excellent high quality hot melt technology that is at the top of the industry. You will find compatible models and replacement parts for both brands in our catalogue.

Replacement for OEM Hot Glue Gun Models

Glenmar technology produces many OEM replacement parts for OEM Hot Glue Gun Models.

Here are some of the Best OEM Hot Glue Guns that we stock replacement parts for at Glenmar Technology.

One of the most popular hot glue gun models is the MiniBlue® II Hot Melt Glue Applicator and Adhesive Dispenser. This is a model that uses a ball and seat design to deliver a long life without leakage.

Speed is a major benefit of this model, with adhesive dispensing times as low as two milliseconds, providing excellent efficiency to its users. You can find OEM Replacement Parts for this Hot Glue Gun model on Glenmar Technology’s website.

The PatternPro™ Variable Pitch Dispensing Guns are another excellent option, they include a pivoting module design that significantly reduces product changeover time in tray-making. You can find replacement parts for this model on the Glenmar Technology website. 

At Glenmar Technology, we provide replacement parts for many of the models that are produced by the industry leader.

Glenmar Technology is a superb option if you’re looking to have a cost-effective and reliable company to provide OEM Replacement Parts and ITW Dynatec hot melt technology products.

Where to get Hot Melt Applicator Replacement Parts?

Glenmar Technology is a superb supplier of hot melt applicator replacement parts. We are a globally trusted company that only works with trusted suppliers. We offer a vast array of replacement parts for all different models of OEM Glue Guns. 

Be assured that if you purchase a Glenmar hot glue gun, you are going to get the highest quality, cost-effective replacement parts from Glenmar Technology.

Check out Glenmar Technology’s website here and see our vast array of replacement parts for the Best Hot Glue Guns yourself. 


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